Faceshield initiative with very positive feedback!

When the pandemic started to control the news earlier in the year and personal protection equipment had become a rare good, Helvoet Group stepped in to contribute and help the community.

Thousand of face shields distributed all over Europe

Everything started with an idea within our team, to see how we could play a role and help especially all those people, who are helping others in need, but do not have the adequate equipment to protect themselves.
Then all went really quick:
A 3d model for a face shield was designed by our engineering team and with a lot of motivation our colleagues from the mold maintenance put hands on creating an injection moulding insert for one of our existing mother molds. Some calls later we immediately had partners on board who wanted to support this initiative: Mitsibushi Polyester Films, Nexeo Plastic and Synergic Masterbatch who backed us up with the right materials for making the shields in volumes.
A few weeks later we have been shipping boxes with thousands of faceshields all over Europe to our partners and customers who got informed about a local need, and so workers in hospitals, care stations, food banks, rehabilitation clinics, other social entities and also schools or factories could be equipped quickly.

Until today we are receiving many very nice letters and pictures that make our team really proud, even though this tough pandemic situation is not over yet.
As of now, at least the supply situation for protection equipment has improved, but we are still there and keep helping where it is needed.

Do you also want to help ?

In case you as our partners are aware of a shortage, you can still contact us by email at and together we will see to help out.
For more information about the project and the face shield components please check out the information here

Download the article here for sharing with your contacts.