Helvoet donates thousands of face shields with #strongertogether project!

You can help today!

Helvoet Group has launched a solidary project to protect those who help our community.

With your help we can extend the reach of our project, without any cost or obligation for you.

What is the #strongertogether initative ?

The difficult situation with Covid19 spreading over the world has resulted in a shortage of PPE products (Personal Protection Equipment), which are used to keep those people safe who are in contact with potentially infected persons. This includes especially sanitary workers in hospitals, medical centers, care centers, fire fighters, police officers and many others.

Without this important protection the risk of contracting increases a lot and therefore several initiatives have been launched to 3D print protection gear and equip those persons who do not have the regular FDA or N95 certified equipment at their disposal. But 3D printing is slow and as injection moulding company we have decided to help on a larger scale, being able to produce a lot more of these components.

Therefore we have built our own injection mould to produce thousands of plastic faceshields and send them to places where they are urgently needed.
With the existing setup we are going to be able to manufacture approx. 1.000 pieces every day.


How can you help ?

Your role can be very easy but helpful: If you know of a hospital or above mentioned place where there is a lack and urgent requirement for face shields, please write us to the address mentioned below and let us know the estimated amount of required shields and the address + contact person where to ship them to.

We will take care of packing the shields and shipping them to their destination, free of any cost.


About the face shield component

Our injection moulded shield is a Polypropylene visor where a PET foil is attached to the front, creating a physical barrier which helps to prevent droplet infection as the face is covered. They can be fitted with a rubber ring on the back side and the materials can be cleaned, desinfected and recycled. Our design is
thought to allow an easy replacement of the transparent foil in case it gets damaged.  By simply using a hole puncher the medical staff can adjust for example clear binding covers to attach new foils to the visor.


We advert that our face shields are NO REGISTERED OR CERTIFIED MEDICAL PRODUCT and we do not take over any responsibility for their use or function.

To prevent damage during shipment we will send the components prepared but not yet assembled.


Who is supporting us already ?

First of all we are so proud and thankful to have such a motivated team making this project possible.
Our colleagues in the thermoplastic factory in Wroclaw (PL) are spending a lot of time and effort to realize the production of thousands of these face shields.

A special thanks goes also to partner companies who have provided us materials for this project:

Mitsubishi Polyester Films – PET film Hostaphan for transparent shields
Nexeo Plastics – PP compound
Synergic Masterbatch – blue masterbatch

We are doing our utmost to respond to all requests in the best time and amount as possible, but we have to mention that dates or amounts cannot be guaranteed.


You want to join the initiative and cooperate ?

The spirit of being #strongertogether says it all: the more support we have, the greater will be the effect of our help.
If you would like to cooperate and scale this project up even further, you can donate materials or money which helps to cover the cost for more materials and shipments.
In this case you can also contact us on below email address


If you are aware of a shortage situation close by, please contact us at


Download the article here for sharing with your contacts.