At Helvoet we develop and produce our own custom made rubber materials in-house. We began in 1939 as a rubber compounder and it remains as one of our core competences.
With our compounds we guarantee that the quality of the material for your product is meeting the highest requirements.

Own rubber compounding and mixing

We develop the best material for your application

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All our locations and compounds meet the highest standards

Compression Moulding

Pure rubber products at competitive cost

Injection and Transfer Moulding

Especially for hybrid products and overmoulding

Fully equipped laboratory

Extensive testing in-house

Direct Bonding with rubber

A core competence of Helvoet

Our offer in rubber materials for you


Compounding / Mixing

In 1929 Helvoet began as a rubber compounder. Compounding and Mixing remain as a core competency within Helvoet. We create the best fitting compound for your application.

Compression Moulding

A pre-formed rubber compound is pressed between heated mould plates with product forming cavities. After the vulcanization cycle parts can be removed for next process.

Transfer Moulding (K+K)

At transfer moulding we inject a pre-formed rubber compound into a heated tool where we mould the final product shape. This process can be used for pure rubber components or combined parts like rubber/metal or rubber/plastic parts.

Bonding / Direct Bonding

Helvoet is a leading company for hybrid products using bonding technologies, where we have developed several special rubber compounds. With this process a rubber part and a metal or plastic part can be combined and the adhesion is stronger than the rubber tear resistance itself. Rubber / plastic combinations can be produced with direct bonding where no bonding agent is needed.

Engineering / Development

We can develop rubber parts from scratch, employing state of the art CAD software and engineering software for FEA and moldflow studies. During development all engineers (development, material, process and applicication) are involved to ensure a smooth transition to production including the validation of the products.



We differentiate our offered rubber materials in four main groups

Commodity Elastomers

For more common functions in applications we offer Commodity Elastomers, including: Natural Rubber (NR), Synthetic Poly Isoprene Rubber (IR), Butadiene Rubber (BR) and Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR).

Engineering Elastomers

If you have higher requirements for the product, Engineering Elastomers apply: Butyl Rubber (IIR), Chloroprene Rubber (CR), Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber (EPDM) and Nitrile Rubber (NBR).

High Performance Elastomers

As the name says, these special compounds are High Performance materials: Acrylate Rubber (AEM, ACM), Polyurethane (AU), Silicone and Fluorosilicone Rubber (VMQ, FMVQ), Fluor rubber (FKM), Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber (HNBR) and Perfluor Elastomers (FFKM).

Custom Made Compounds

We can formulate a rubber material that meets the customer specific properties and is also optimized for our moulding process. When we start the design of a new rubber compound formulation we always look at 3 main areas: The physical properties that are required, the processability and the selection of the right raw materials. The desired properties we discuss first with our customers, as it is important to know what the function of the product is and in what kind of environment it is operating.



The fine-tuning of the products ensuring their properties and functions


Rubber compounds offer challenges removing flash unlike thermoplastics and thermoset resins as the material does not easily come off. Helvoet uses techniques such as cryogenic deflashing, tear and dreher to remove the flash that is inherent in the process.


Everybody knows what metal stamping is - did you realize that a lot of rubber parts are stamped as well? Sometimes geometry limits moulding the final shape or a compound is best manufactured in slabs to maintain it's integrity. In such cases stamping of parts to meet your specific needs can be the best and most competitive alternative.

Coating / Powdering

Treatment at vulcanized rubber sheets or products in bulk for easier processing during the stamping step or regarding customer requirements to avoid sticking.

Washing / Rinsing

Cleaning process in bulk before final packaging where detergent is used in combination with warm/hot water. After washing products are dried in drying machine. Helvoet has developed this process to remove contamination and ship products that meet your demanding requirements.

Plasma Treatment

How do you bond rubber with plastic or metal? By knowing how … Plasma treating one or both of the components is part of the bonding process that Helvoet has established and perfected.


A special deburring process where a drum is filled with products, special shaped ceramic stones and water. Then it is rotated according a certain speed and in combination with the stones small burrs and splinters will be removed.


For our compounds and for final products we have an in-house laboratory to perform necessary tests to supply you with functional products. Available tests are for example ageing, swelling, tensile force, bonding, compression set, roughness...



We offer various methods to assemble different components to a final functional product which can be used directly

Manual Assembly

If required we can offer the assembly of several parts in one of our best-cost-locations and help to reduce the total manufacturing cost for our partners.

Semi-Automated Assembly

A project that has a combination of low and high risk components, is a great target for semi-automated assembly. Using automation for the most critical components, and low-cost flexible labor for others, Helvoet offers their clients the lowest landed cost with highest levels of quality.

Automated Assembly

Using more than 3, 4, 7 or 11 components? Helvoet has answered numerous industrial challenges and designed dedicated, fully automated assembly lines running continuously. With automated assembly including in-line quality controls like vision or leakage tests or functional tests, the part quality is ensured by 100%.

Flexline Technology

Using over 40-years of experience in assembly of precision components, Helvoet has developed an own Flex-Line Technology. By utilizing interchangeable modules for each assembly step, Helvoet offers the quality of a fully automated line while it is a flexible and cost effective solution due to lower investment and changeover times. Contact us to get more information about the Flexline.

Product cases

Hybrid products

Helvoet has co-developed several hybrid products and has a unique setup which enables to produce different materials all in-house and deliver everything out of one hand. This is achieved by over-moulding of a plastic part with with a custom-made rubber compound which bonds directly to the plastic.

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Bonded parts

Bonding of rubber on metal or plastic by direct-bonding or with a bonding agent is one of Helvoet's specialities

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