In this section you will find videos of our production processes and competences in the precision manufacturing of plastic, rubber and hybrid components.

Helvoet tree planting day – 83rd anniversary

On October 16th we celebrate 83 years and we have organized a special initiative which goes in line with our core values and company spirit.

Improve life with plastics

Engineered plastic components are key for sustainable and efficient product innovations that help to improve life.

Green energy usage and sustainability at Helvoet India

Injection moulding meets green energy. How Helvoet Pune is using sustainable ressources to power their factory and nuture their soil.

Tech Minute: Quality control

In today’s minute we focus on the quality assurance within the manufacturing process of injection moulded components in our facilities.

Production: Blood cartridge

This is how a thermoplastic patient care component is manufactured under cleanroom conditions. A 2k product with PC+PE is injected with a TPE seal and then a metal plate is integrated by ultra sonic welding.

Processes: Automated Assembly

Fully automated assembly processes directly after the moulding and finishing steps make your product fully functional. This guarantees a zero-defect quality by implemented control devices like vision cameras or leakage tests.

Processes: 2k Injection Moulding

High volume production of hybrid products can be realized in one process step by 2k injection moulding, where two different materials are injected in one single rotary mould.

Helvoet Health Tech

Our health tech division is supporting customers to bring their medical product to life by co-developing and manufacturing their diagnostic or microfluidic consumables or medical devices in plastics and elastomers.

Processes: Rubber Bonding

How to bond a rubber material to a structural metal or plastic component, so that a perfect bonding is achieved? Helvoet specializes in hybrid components..

Processes: Thermoset Injection Moulding

Thermosets are widely used to substitute metal components in technical surroundings with high requirements on the product like temperature or media contact.

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