In this section you will find videos of our production processes and competences in the precision manufacturing of plastic, rubber and hybrid components.

Helvoet Health Tech

Our health tech division is supporting customers to bring their medical product to life by co-developing and manufacturing their diagnostic or microfluidic consumables or medical devices in plastics and elastomers.

Processes: Rubber Bonding

How to bond a rubber material to a structural metal or plastic component, so that a perfect bonding is achieved? Helvoet specializes in hybrid components..

Processes: Thermoset Injection Moulding

Thermosets are widely used to substitute metal components in technical surroundings with high requirements on the product like temperature or media contact.

Processes: Thermoplastic injection moulding

Injection moulding is the main process for the manufacturing of plastic components made out of thermoplastic materials.

Helvoet location Wroclaw

Helvoet Wroclaw is your manufacturing partner for high volume production and esthetic plastic components.

Helvoet location Tilburg

Helvoet Tilburg is the right place for your product with high cleanliness requirements like medical devices, disposables or food and beverage components and assemblies.

Helvoet location Pune

Helvoet Pune is your partner for high precision moulding and assemblies in the asian market.

Thermoset Valve Block Production

Learn how a well engineered thermoset production process is realized at Helvoet with the example of the valve block product.

Flow Alliance – The House of Microfluidics

Helvoet is partner of the FlowAlliance. An expert network for polymer microfluidic solutions. Learn more about the FlowAlliance and our partners…

How Do They Do It

Helvoet is an expert for hybrid products with combinations of different materials like plastics and rubber. See here how it is done…