Let’s grow the Helvoet tree

On October 16th we celebrate our founding date and this year we turn 83 years as company.
Looking back to where it all started in 1939 and where we are now makes us very proud.

Therefore we want to initiate something different, something which is close to our roots and our heart:

We make our founding date the Helvoet tree planting day!











With local partners we have organized a special Helvoet baby tree which we will share with our colleagues and our partners with the goal to grow a long term relation which will enable us to enjoy its result in the future.

We have created a short video about our journey over the past 83 years and the tree planting day which we invite you to watch here


We would be happy to see you joining us and sharing your planting images on LinkedIn with the hashtags #letsgrowtogether and #thehelvoettree