New 3d printer for rapid prototyping in Tilburg

We have incorporated 3d printing technology in our engineering department, in order to speed up the development phase of projects, where for example physical parts are required while injection moulded components are not available yet.

Using this technology we can perform initial functional trials on designs even on an, for example, fluidic level.

When we develop parts such as a microfluidic chip, this rapid prototyping technology enables us to do overnight functional iterations. It is a great advantage to maintain the high development speed our customers value so much.

Maximum part dimensions are up to 200mm in each direction and we can achieve a layer resolution of up to 20 microns and a XYZ accuracy as narrow as 5 microns.
We can print components out of a range of filaments enabling us to simulate with materials properties as close as it gets to the final materials.


For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact us and we are happy to discuss our development support options with you.

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