Polymer components in different pump principles

Centuries ago Archimedes started thinking about the most efficient way to move water and developed a screw pump principle, which was much later integrated by Leonardi da Vinci who added wheels and improved the whole principle. Since then many years have passed by and over time different pump systems have been developed, every one of them with a specific purpose.

In today’s highly advanced systems you can still see the roots of these very early pumping principles. And over the years not only the mechanisms have evolved but as well the choice of material of the different pump components. At Helvoet we have been involved in many pump projects where metal parts were to be substituted by plastics and others where directly a polymer pump had to be developed and manufactured. Now you may ask yourself: which pump principle might be the best choice for my application and which materials can I use best?


Let our experienced team help you with these questions by understanding your requirements and discussing the target feature of the development, for example:

  • Cost reduction
  • Weight reduction
  • Noise reduction

On our website you can easily download our new brochure ‘High-tech Polymer Pump Components’, where we have summarized the most commonly used pump principles and the possibilities in phenolic or other high performance plastics, reaching micron tolerances as required by the modern industry.

Do you want to find out more about the different types of pumps used for water, air/vacuum, gasoline, diesel, oil, ad blue/urea, water glycol, coffee or beverages?

Write a mail to and our engineers will be pleased to offer you our best technology or download the brochure here.

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