In our different production locations we specialize in several material and process technologies. However today the key to success is in combining the diversity in order to be able to offer the customer complete solutions out of one hand. What you can expect from Helvoet as “one-stop-shop”

As precision part manufacturer it is common to be challenged with a numerous amount of requirements. Mostly however the production of a component gets very specific so the supplier has to be prepared for it and as a result of it specializes in a certain range of technology or products. The processing of solid rubber material is for example completely different to the one of liquid silicone rubber – or the handling of thermoset material requires a completely different set-up as it does for a thermoplastic compound.

When the customer requires stand-alone components he can go to one specialized supplier, but what if he requires an assembled product or a hybrid component made out of several materials?

Either he develops this process step in-house or has to coordinate several sources which often do not fully control or understand the requirements of those components which are not their own.

At Helvoet group we have different facilities which specialize in the manufacturing of components in thermoplastics, thermosets, rubber and LSR. But as a group we also specialize in the combination of these technologies so we can supply fully functional hybrid products or assembly groups and serve our customers as a “one-stop-shop”.

What is the advantage of getting all polymer and elastomer solutions out of one hand?

Often, system or product design requires a combination of contradicting requirements,  for example:

  • a sealing should not stick, not leak, be flexible or rigid
  • a housing should be precise, narrow tolerated and as moulded or..
  • a piston should be small, precise and have some mass left to close a valve…

Now each part has his engineering challenges but when several of those components need to be combined in order to guarantee the final function? Indeed, here it gets really important to bring together all the know-how and overlook the potential conflicts or feasible solutions. Helvoet has the unique proposition that various material and process competences are “under one roof”. This allows us to choose the most optimal combination for your design challenge, no compromises on the processes or the materials. In the past quarters, Helvoet has introduced a vast number of new products where we combine rubber-metal-thermoplastic-LSR materials in functional solutions.

Learn more about the possibilities in combining production technologies or let us help you in your product challenge and contact us