Introduction of multi-vision inspection system

Zero defect quality is essential for safety products. Automated vision scans can guarantee this level of reliability, but a dedicated system is expensive and rubber parts can be tricky to inspect. Now we can tackle these issues with our multi-functional scanning device.

For its various market segments, Helvoet manufactures high volume precision parts that require zero-defect processes:  Often, solid rubber, metal overmoulded parts or plastic-rubber hybrid combinations require a final validation step. Visual inspection can only be reliable in an automated system: Therefor, in our factory in  Hellevoetsluis we introduced a new vision system that can be used for a variety of parts.

“Black” rubber parts used to be difficult to inspect with light/ camera’s, but Helvoet has managed to specify and develop the right resolution and detection algorithms. The layout of the vision inspection technology is multifunctional, this means that a product range till Ø 54 mm and a max. height of 30 mm can be inspected from all sides with 10 camera’s!

The machine separates OK and NOK parts based on programmed criteria. Our first high volume release has been successful to inspect a metal-overmoulded part with rubber that detects 8 parts per second according the visual control plan. NOK parts are easily separated and product change is going fully automatic. The equipment reports and recipes can easily be exported to the network..

Helvoet is now well equipped to answer to the continuous increase in cleanliness and higher visual and dimensional requirements.

For more information on our visual dimensional inspection capabilities, please contact us here.

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