Helvoet started its activities in supplying flanges 6 years ago. Up to now we have developed over 20 types of fuel pump flanges for several Tier1 companies all over the world. Fuel pump flanges are used in combination with the pump system to control the correct delivery of fuel from the tank to the powertrain of the vehicle. Besides the required accuracy for a tight fitting and sealing in the connections the flange establishes an electrical connection for several functions within the fuel delivery module.

At Helvoet India almost 60% of the flange molds are developed in our own tool-room and we assist the customer in the development of the product. The manufacturing process for flanges involves:

1. Injection molding with metal inserts
2. 100% Leakage testing
3. 100% Electrical testing
4. 100% Ball pass testing
Special purpose machines are designed and developed for leakage, electrical and ball pass testing for the pipes.
Currently approximately 60% of the produced flanges from Helvoet India are supplied to the Asian market and approximately 40% to the global market. These Flanges go into the fuel supply unit for four wheelers (gasoline & diesel) and two wheelers (gasoline). Depending on the type of fuel used in the final application we select the appropriate plastic material grade for the flange so it can resist the contact with media.
Helvoet India is familiar with the existing OEM regulations for fuel pump flanges is supplying to several market leaders. Due to a regulation change in India for 2019, companies producing two wheelers are gearing up for the switch-over from carburators to FSU’s. We are already nominated for the development of a flange for a scooter application.
Would you like to learn more about the production of fuel pump flanges or can we assist you in one of your projects then please contact us