Together with company Micronit, Helvoet is proud to announce the launch of  Flow Alliance, The House of Microfluidics. This alliance is a close cooperation of expert companies covering each step of the manufacturing process and providing their competences to support the growing global demand for high-quality and high volume polymer microfluidic products.

Micronit, founded in 1999, is a leading company in innovative lab-on-a-chip and MEMS solutions using micro and nano technologies in glass, silicon, polymers or hybrid combinations.
Helvoet is known globally for its expertise in reliable high volume manufacturing of precision parts in a lean, high-quality and clean environment with medical standards firmly in place. Combined, the Flow Alliance companies employ over 900 people at various sites.

The markets for microfluidic based consumables, being mainly diagnostics/IVD/PoC, lifesciences, food safety and environmental testing, are increasingly asking for high volume manufacturing. In most cases the use of a polymer material for the core parts is preferred because of scalability and economics. This is our world and we are eager to work with you.

The Flow Alliance is at your side in every stage of your polymer based microfluidic consumable project. Combining innovation and creativity with a robust development process making maximum use of our proven technologies. If it is not available or deviates much from what we did already before, we will develop with always having scalability and your goals in mind. The complementary expertise of our three member companies forms the base of this.

Our competences are gathered around design, injection moulding tooling and process development, prototyping, delivery of validation samples and high volume manufacturing.
The scope of a project is determined by what is best for you: it can go from a moulded substrate only to a complete consumable including reagents, biomarkers etc.

One of the member companies will be your point of contact, making it clear and easy for you. You will experience us as a professional and friendly partner.

Contact us here for more information about the microfluidic possibilities at Helvoet.