Company update on Covid19 situation

Dear customers and partners,

As most industries, the plastics and rubber processing segment is challenged by the current situation with the COVID-19 outbreak and spread.
At Helvoet Group our principal concern is the safety and wellness of our staff, our surroundings and our partners, while we are doing our utmost to maintain the production as normal as possible.

In accordance with the measures and indications by the government and local authorities of each factory we have implemented protection and distancing plans and we are constantly monitoring the situation and are ready to follow further instructions or recommendations from official side. Our activities are maintained, and our teams remain available to answer your questions and support you with your projects. Meetings will be organized on a remote basis and online. We are trying to control our supply chain, and it has delivered the materials and parts for our production plants that we need up to now. We cannot exclude the possibility that we will suffer some problems in the future but, up to now the situation is under control.
In any case we ask you to coordinate all specific topics always with your main Helvoet contact and the respective location.

This is a new period for all of us and we have to adapt accordingly, however we are convinced that with mutual support and responsibility we will manage to come out of it.
At the same time we are proud that Helvoet is forming part in several medical developments which are targeting this disease and we hope that we can contribute a lot with our competences.

In the meantime, thank you for your support during this time and most importantly please stay safe.


Healthy regards from your Helvoet Team !