Helvoet increases clean room capacity in the Netherlands: New hardwall ISO 7 area installed

At Helvoet we are expanding our cleanroom capacity, mainly for our diagnostics customers. By improving the flow of products through the factory we were able to free up a substantial area in our factory in Tilburg. Our main factory for Health Tech components will from Q4 2019 count with a new ISO 7 hard wall clean room that will provide production capacity expansion for the coming years.

Especially in the diagnostic, environmental testing and drug discovery field we have been very active in the co-development of fluid systems and microfluidic applications. As partner in the flow alliance, we see a growing need for cleanroom production and with this first step, we were able to expand our capacity and improve our current processes in one go!

In the facility in Tilburg, Helvoet offers its customers an array of possibilities for clean environment production: softwall clean rooms ISO7/ ISO8, and ISO 7 hard wall cleanrooms for the more complex products with higher cleanliness requirements. Additional cleanroom expansion can be realised if it is required. Besides Tilburg, also our Hellevoetsluis facility is now ISO 13485 certified and ready to manufacutre your medical components.

Our cleanrooms are equipped with fully electric injection moulding machines, semi automated and automated assembly lines.

With this new capacity Helvoet aims to be more attractive in this growing market segment and offers support in scale up from development to mass manufacturing.

Learn more about our microfluidic offer and our cleanroom  capabilities and contact us here.

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