Helvoet has launched the first automated high volume production line for Health Tech components in Pune

Helvoet India has been known for many years amongst the top moulding companies in India for the Mobility and Industrial markets.
In the recent years the Pune factory has followed the footsteps of other Helvoet locations and has started to supply critical components for medical and life science applications.
After supplying over 6 million of IMD (In-Mold-Design) decorated visual housing components, now, the launch of the first automated production cell for a glucometer assembly has successfully been realized.

This production cell is installed in a climate and dust controlled environment and involves two 2k injection moulding processes, followed by a sophisticated assembly and testing procedure, where single components are mounted, ultrasonic welded and several functional and visual checks are being performed. At the end each part is marked by laser for batch traceability.

This serial production kick-off is yet another big achievement for Helvoet Pune to establish themselves also a leading manufacturer for Health Tech components in India.












With local partners we have organized a special Helvoet baby tree which we will share with our colleagues and our partners with the goal to grow a long term relation which will enable us to enjoy its result in the future.

We have created a short video about our journey over the past 83 years and the tree planting day which we invite you to watch here


We would be happy to see you joining us and sharing your planting images on LinkedIn with the hashtags #letsgrowtogether and #thehelvoettree