The thermoplastic world consists of billions of products manufactured from Polyproplene to PPS. Helvoet combines latest production technologies and nearly a century of experience, and provides their customers with the highest quality products. We especially focus on consumables, cartridges and similar functional products as single components and assemblies. Fully controlled processes help us to meet the highest requirements and zero defect products.

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We offer many different production processes to manufacture your thermoplastic products

Injection Moulding

The classic manufacturing process for thermoplastic products. By designing the injection tools based on the specific product requirements and by defining the correct production processes we are able to offer high precision components on a competitive cost level.

2k Moulding

Combining two materials in one mould, for example SEBS and TPE, is an efficient way to provide high volume components. 2K moulding processes save handling, improve alignment, and offer better quality in finished goods.

k+k Moulding

K+K Moulding takes two unlike materials and combines them in one product. Helvoet's advantage here is that we have all of those capabilities under one roof. Why have more than one supplier?

Insert Moulding

Components are precisely inserted in the mould before the injection process and will therefore be integrated in the final part with an optimal connection.

Over Moulding

With this process we encapsulate a component like a PCB, a sensor or similar with plastics and by that are able to protect it against media contact. Especially in automotive encapsulation of electronics becomes more and more important.

IML In-Mould_Labelling

In the In-Mould Labeling (IML) technology, labels are directly placed in the tool and then the plastic is moulded onto them. This is mainly used for product identification or for traceability reasons.


Microfluidic technology is the heart of new diagnostic systems, e.g for point-of-care, environmental testing or testing in pharmaceutical and food processes. The interaction of micro and nano structures on optical plastic parts with biochemicals creates a small lab-on-a-chip. Together with our flow alliance partners we provide one of the best tool boxes in the world to support our customers in development and manufacturing. Visit for more detailed information.

Cleanroom Manufacturing

For products demanding a classified cleanliness we are able to manufacture your component in a cleanroom environment.

Plastic Engineering

You have an idea, but not sure if it can be manufactured? Helvoet's expertise in design for manufacturing is what you need. Co-development and plastic engineering is our specialty. By partnering with our design staff, your time to market can be reduced tremendously.



We process all kind of thermoplastic materials from the more basic ones up to high end compounds

Standard Thermoplastics

In our locations we handle all typical thermoplastic polymers like PP, PE, ABS to produce your required product.

Engineering Thermoplastics

If a product has a higher requirement on precision, stability or resistance we usually use engineering compounds like PA6, PA66, POM - often filled with reinforcing materials like glassfibres.

High-Performance Thermoplastics

When the application required really special properties we switch to high end compounds in our manufacturing process. Here we use materials like PPS, PEI, PEEK with diverse reinforcing fillers to meet the specifications and tolerances of our customers.



Most of the technical products leaving our facilities require some extra treatment after the moulding process. We offer all post-processing steps in-house


As thermoplastic resins are engineered for more demanding applications, there is a tendency for these resins to run like water through a mold and that creates flash. Deflashing or deburring techniques using water, grain, air and numerous other techniques have been developed by Helvoet to remove this flash and maintain the integrity of the parts.

Flat Grinding (Single/Double)

Altough it is always the goal to get ready-to-use products straigth out of the mould, tighter tolerances mean higher perfomance for our customers. Maintaining thickness capability at 0.002 mm requires a secondary process: flat grinding or lapping. Helvoet has delivered close to 500 Million parts that have used this technology ensuring micron precision.


With various printing techniques and methods Helvoet can help you mark, identify, and trace your products. From manual tampon printing up to continuous motion high speed printing in two colours we can deliver your needs.


Engineered resins like PPS, phenolics and rubber, require an aging process called post-curing. This process removes stress, helps guarantee dimensional stability and removes final volatile materials that are inherent. Helvoet has numerous post curing profiles that have been developed for each and every one of these materials.

Ultrasonic Welding

Assembly techniques like ultra-sonic welding are used when you have two components that are made from the same material, but can't be made as one part due to geometry. Helvoet uses this as a fast, accurate, clean and leak tight method of assembly.

Laser Welding

Laser welding, also called transmission welding, is another technique used establish a reliable bond of thermoplastic materials. A focused laser beam goes through a transmissive layer onto an absorption layer and as it is turned into heat energy the plastics melt and form a stable connection. Helvoet can assist you with selecting the right materials and process for your part.

Washing / Rinsing

Helvoet measures their products in microns and understands that contamination can occur in the numerous processes. Thus we have developed a sophisticated washing and drying process to remove contamination and ship products that meet your demanding requirements.

Coding (RFID)

At Helvoet we provide different ways to trace a production and in many applications RFID or Coding is used. Having 100% traceability and full transparency in the assembly process gurantees that we can deliver the highest quality parts to you, our customer.


With experience in both dry powder and liquid filling we can offer you a one stop shop solution. Especially in our health tech business we are filling molded primary packaging and diagnostic products with desiccant granulate or with liquids to offer additional benefits to our customers.

Leak Testing

If a product like an ABS System leaks you will have a problem. That request you to have 100% leak-testing before you assemble. Helvoet's expertise in managing and monitoring the flow of media (fluid, air, gas), has given us a wide variety of experiences developing custom leak-testing equipment and integrating it in our production processes.

Vision Inspection

Did you know that 100% visual inspection by a human is only 80% accurate? Is that good enough for your products? Inline cameras have been placed at many locations throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of your products.


If you can measure it you can improve it! Measuring in nanometers and microns is becoming the norm in industry today. Helvoet's measuring capability includes state of the art equipment such as interferometers, air gauging, video measuring, contour roughness, 3D whitelight and other contactless measuring devices.



We offer various methods to assemble different components to a final functional product which can be used directly

Manual Assembly

Sometimes the process or the project do not allow an automated assembly. In these cases we can offer manual assembly in our locations in Poland and India.

Semi-Automated Assembly

A project that has a combination of low and high risk components, is a great target for semi-automated assembly. Using automation for the most critical components, and low-cost flexible labor for others, Helvoet offers their clients the lowest landed cost with highest levels of quality.

Automated Assembly

Using more than 3, 4, 7 or 11 components? Helvoet has answered numerous industrial challenges and designed dedicated, fully automated assembly lines running continuously. With automated assembly including in-line quality controls like vision or leakage tests or functional tests, the part quality is ensured by 100%.

Flexline Technology

Using over 40-years of experience in assembly of precision components, Helvoet has developed an own Flex-Line Technology. By utilizing interchangeable modules for each assembly step, Helvoet offers the quality of a fully automated line while it is a flexible and cost effective solution due to lower investment and changeover times. Contact us to get more information about the Flexline.

Product cases


A microfluidic chip can be considered a mini-laboratory and is certainly the future for point-of-care diagnostics and other applications. Helvoet offers polymer microfluidic components of highest quality.

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Dosing Systems

Accurate dosing systems are build up of accurate parts. We produce dosing devices for several customers in the food and beverage markets and integrate functional testing methods to secure nothing but the best quality.

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Vacuum Connector

Mostly vehicles with diesel engines are executed with auxiliary vacuum pumps where a vacuum connector ensures that depression remains in the system at all times. With our own flexline assembly technology we offer a large variety of 100% tested vacuum connectors with check valves.

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Primary Packaging

Helvoet has been producing millions of veterinary syringes for decades and applies this knowledge to other primary packaging as well as drug delivery devices.

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