In this section you will find some product cases where we have applied different technologies to manufacture the serial components.
Contact us and we will find the best process to produce your products as well.

Impeller The impeller is the "heart" of the fuel pump and Helvoet was one of the original manufactures of turbine injection molded and machined fuel pump impellers. Having shipped over 300 Million products in thermoset and thermoplastic since its first in 1993, Helvoet is the industry leader in this application.
Microfluidics A microfluidic chip can be considered a mini-laboratory and is certainly the future for point-of-care diagnostics and other applications. Helvoet offers polymer microfluidic components of highest quality.
Membranes and Sealings We manufacture a wide range of rubber and LSR membranes and sealings, adapting the material to the application requirements. It is also possible to integrate a sealing function in a structural part by k+k technology.
Vacuum Connector Mostly vehicles with diesel engines are executed with auxiliary vacuum pumps where a vacuum connector ensures that depression remains in the system at all times. With our own flexline assembly technology we offer a large variety of 100% tested vacuum connectors with check valves.
SCR Pump The SCR pump in thermoset is a typical example of substitution from metal to plastic. It is used to reduce the NOX for diesel engines and has to withstand urea (Ad Blue) for its function.
Stator air-conditioning unit The insulation mask products form the stator of an air-conditioning unit and are manufactured by injection molding of BMC (Bulk Molding Compound). Because of the light weight, high strength and high resistance to creep, BMC forms an excellent material for this application.
Beverage systems Consumers worldwide enjoy the products manufactured by Helvoet with highest quality levels.
Primary Packaging Helvoet has been producing millions of veterinary syringes for decades and applies this knowledge to other primary packaging as well as drug delivery devices.
Valve block for gear box The valve block is a high precision as molded part in thermoset material. After the assembly of 4 valves it is used in the DSG gear box (Direct Shift Gear). Precise tolerances, strength and contamination requirements are key to the manufacturing process.
Tubes & Plugs Product ensures the stability of diabetes test strips over life time - parts are moulded, filled and sealed, ensuring a moisture tight seal during storage and usage.