In this section you will find some product cases where we have applied different technologies to manufacture the serial components.
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Impeller The impeller is the "heart" of the fuel pump and Helvoet was one of the original manufactures of turbine injection molded and machined fuel pump impellers. Having shipped over 300 Million products in thermoset and thermoplastic since its first in 1993, Helvoet is the industry leader in this application.
Fuel Pump Housings Helvoet is the world's only supplier of phenolic housings machined with Pocket Grinding and single-slides grinding equipment. Component quantities are nearing 500 million since the first products rolled off the line in 1999.
SCR Pump The SCR pump in thermoset is a typical example of substitution from metal to plastic. It is used to reduce the NOX for diesel engines and has to withstand urea (Ad Blue) for its function.
Piston for brake system This thermoset secondary piston is part of the TMC (Tandem Master Cylinder) brake system in automotive. It's a high security part with specific requirements on strength (450bar) and roughness tolerances over lifetime achieved by grinding.