In this section you will find some product cases where we have applied different technologies to manufacture the serial components.
Contact us and we will find the best process to produce your products as well.

Hybrid products Helvoet has co-developed several hybrid products and has a unique setup which enables to produce different materials all in-house and deliver everything out of one hand. This is achieved by over-moulding of a plastic part with with a custom-made rubber compound which bonds directly to the plastic.
Bonded parts Bonding of rubber on metal or plastic by direct-bonding or with a bonding agent is one of Helvoet's specialities
Microfluidics A microfluidic chip can be considered a mini-laboratory and is certainly the future for point-of-care diagnostics and other applications. Helvoet offers polymer microfluidic components of highest quality.
Cartridges Cartridges are amongst the best examples of products where we can put our broad tool box to work. Different materials, combining processes, handling of filters, foils or microfluidics combined with functional testing and zero-defect assembly.
Blood warming cartridge This part warms the blood of the patient in a trauma condition improving the chance of recovery. By performing a good FMEA study Helvoet optimized the risk reduction and the investments leading to the best product quality.
Medical Devices Helvoet is able to manufacture your medical device with all its different molded parts and bought in components. If required we also handle sterilization and packaging in its final individual packaging.