In this section you will find some product cases where we have applied different technologies to manufacture the serial components.
Contact us and we will find the best process to produce your products as well.

Fuel Pump Housings Helvoet is the world's only supplier of phenolic housings machined with Pocket Grinding and single-slides grinding equipment. Component quantities are nearing 500 million since the first products rolled off the line in 1999.
Rotor for radar system As metal replacement product a pvd coated drum is used in the automotive Advanced Emergency Braking Systems (radar system). Precise tolerances and specific reflection properties are required for this high safety part made of thermoset.
Valve block for gear box The valve block is a high precision as molded part in thermoset material. After the assembly of 4 valves it is used in the DSG gear box (Direct Shift Gear). Precise tolerances, strength and contamination requirements are key to the manufacturing process.
Medical Devices Helvoet is able to manufacture your medical device with all its different molded parts and bought in components. If required we also handle sterilization and packaging in its final individual packaging.
Dosing Systems Accurate dosing systems are build up of accurate parts. We produce dosing devices for several customers in the food and beverage markets and integrate functional testing methods to secure nothing but the best quality.