Primary Packaging & Drug Delivery

Helvoet provides co-development and manufacturing of customized primary packaging or drug delivery devices.

We offer co-development and manufacturing of customized primary packaging and drug delivery devices for over three decades. You find our products in pharma and diagnostics. The latter involves mainly point of care diagnostics, for example functional packaging for blood glucose measuring test strips or tape.

The dominant functional characteristic of these products is the need to seal very well. This is where our focus on precision has a high value.

In this segment we produce often very high volumes, tens of millions parts per year is common. This requires part accuracy and stability over high cavitation tools and multiple tools

Other specific competences in this field are: 

  • 2K moulding; hard – soft combinations
  • Experience with desiccant materials; either by parts being filled with desiccant grain or  moulded out of desiccant polymers
  • Assembly lines including measuring and testing for highest quality including traceability  
  • Packaging with required barrier properties
  • Sterilisation via external party

In addition to our custom made products we have special expertise in following areas:

  1. Women friendly and ergonomically designed vaginal applicators to administer creams, gels and tablets.                       Click here for our leaflet. 
  2. A range of veterinary syringes. Click here for our leaflet.  
  • Syringes

  • Containers & Closures

  • Vaginal Applicators