Motor Management

Motor Management: energy efficiency! A modern car cannot run anymore without a Motor Management System. To meet the environmental standards and requirements and to use the energy of the fuel as optimal as possible, engine manufacturers make use of an electronic control system.

The Motor Management System consists of three important sections; Actuators, Sensors and Electronic control unit

The first section, Actuators is the field of expertise of Helvoet.  The design,- and manufacturing of vacuum actuators is an expertise where all strengths of Helvoet are combined. With this part we marry the in-house production of parts out of Rubber,- and Thermoplastic material together with a well-developed Supply Chain  with our  Assembly capabilities. The result is the delivery of millions of vacuum actuators each year controlling the air flow of the engine at millions of cars, worldwide. 

  • Precision Housing

  • Vacuum actuators

  • Throttle Bodies