We offer micro-technology and mass manufacturing of polymer based microfluidic components.

Micro technology – Mass manufactured!  This is what we offer through our partnership with Axxicon. 30 years of experience in replication of micro structures and optics, 30 years of high quality medical volume production.

Trends and developments in the health care market and business models lead to a strong increase of Point-of-Care diagnostics. The main success factors for our customer in this market are: delivery of  accurate measuring results in a matter of minutes at effective costing. Lab-on-a-chip solutions to meet these objectives mostly are based on microfluidics as core technology.

The basic technology is available. The market now has a need for companies that can produce microfluidic components in high volumes efficiently and with high quality under medical clean conditions and certifications.

The Netherlands is one of the microfluidic hot spots in the world.

Helvoet and Axxicon offer support during development and take care of the mass manufacturing.  Axxicon is the development center, handling prototypes, injection moulding tools and process development. Helvoet is the manufacturing company and has the medical requirements covered. In most cases Helvoet is having the lead towards the customer. Both companies are in the Eindhoven high tech region in the southern part of The Netherlands. 

In addition to the moulding of the core microfluidic part, we can offer additional process steps as required by the customer. This can involve surface modifications, bonding, filling and assembling.

In addition to Point-of-Care we serve microfluidic usage in agriculture, food testing, environmental analysis and organ-on-a-chip.

Together we are THE partner for your high volume microfluidic project.

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