Medical devices

You can count on Helvoet as co-development and manufacturing partner for custom made medical devices.

The term “medical devices” covers a very broad range of products used in the medical and health care field. In our case we refer to relatively small parts (“fitting in hand”) with high functionality where we can add value to our customers in both the development phase as well as in the production phase. Products where we can bring our knowledge of injection moulding and assembly to the table. Typically our custom-made devices are used within diagnostics, drug delivery and in hospitals / operating rooms. For hospital use we manufacture for example cartridges used for fluid temperature management.

In this area we can make full use of our broad range of technologies and experience, for example:

  • Precision injection moulding
  • 2K moulding; hard – soft combinations
  • Automated assembly. Assembly lines including measuring and testing for highest quality including traceability
  • Lean manufacturing with zero defect approach
  • Ultrasonic and laser welding
  • Cutting and handling of filter materials
  • Filling with liquids or desiccants
  • Packaging with required barrier properties
  • Sterilisation via external party

As development partner we are experienced in providing the technical file to support our customers validation process, for CE and FDA registration

  • Episiotomy Cutter

  • HPV Sampler

  • Glucose Measuring Cartridge