Fuel Pumps & Systems

With Helvoet’s extensive experience in moving fluids, gases, vacuum and various other medium, when the Automotive Industry needed a partner to work with for pump development there was only one place to look – HELVOET!

Since 1993, when the turbine fuel pump became the standard for the OEM’s, Helvoet has been supplying components to every major Tier 1 supplier of fuel pumps. 

Having supplied over 200 Million fuel pump chamber components over the past 20-years, Helvoet can safely claim to be the leader in both market and innovation!  Helvoet has brought to the automotive industry unique molding and finishing technologies that have helped our customers continually meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. 

The fuel pump chamber, some say it’s the “heart” of the automobile, is one of the most challenging products to make within the entire powertrain system. The components that make up the chamber have total stack up tolerances that are calculated in microns, not millimeters. Helvoet has helped their customers continually improve on these parts, and has developed unique and proprietary technologies to allow this.

Helvoet molds these components using the plastic industries highly engineered resins from the World’s leading suppliers. Helvoet’s advanced testing facilities have helped create a database on how dozens of resins react in various fuels. This puts Helvoet in a unique position as we co-develop products with our customers, to recommend the best – proven – material on the market. 

 Combined with molding, Helvoet offers finishing services such as lapping, grinding, and various other secondary processes that can assist you in fine tuning your design. 

Given Helvoet’s vast experience in molding difficult products, and our high level knowledge of the fuel system, Helvoet can only be your first choice when you design your next fuel pump. If you have a difficult situation, this is where Helvoet has excelled in their developments. 

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